"What You Seek Is Seeking You!"

Key Of Life Ankh Pendant

Yandy Smith-Harris

Cleansing, Grounding & Purifying!

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The Woman Behind the Brand

“I have all my needs coming with speed”..

Welcome to a Pleasant space where you can easily purchase items to assist you on your spiritual journey. My name is Sharaine formally known as Chè and I’ve been working on my self-growth for the past 6 to 7 years now. Throughout my journey I’ve learned so much when it comes to meditating with certain stones, sounds, and scent. Wearing certain unique high quality jewelry pieces to elevate my highest vibration, at an affordable price was also an plus. It’s amazing how these profound items helped better me as a person once I placed positive intentions over them.

Please allow me to share my knowledge and my most favorite of all favorite pieces with you.

All items here at GemsByChè are hand picked or hand crafted by owner, and sent to you with love and light.

Hand Picked Just For You!

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