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Ancestor Money - Good Fortune

Ancestor Money - Good Fortune

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Burn to Strengthen Connection with Ancestor to Bring Good Fortune for Family's Health & Wealth:

Great choice for Funerals, Easter, Tomb-sweeping day, Festival as Tomb-sweeping day/ Qing Ming Festival: (April 5th),All Souls Day, Hungry Ghost Festival: July 15,New Year, Ancestor’s Birthday, the first and fifteenth of each month, The day you dream of them, The day you miss them and Any day you would like to talk to them. Ancestor money joss paper money to burn to your Ancestor so she have a better life with all the ancestors


The Chinese believe that a ancestor money offering is conveyed into the spirit world . Ancestor money is the money used in another world. Burn more ancestor paper for your the passed on family members, so they can use this "money" in the afterlife to get things they need and have enough money to spend without hard work, Strengthen the connection with ancestors by burning joss paper money. You can also simply place it on your altar. which is also a way to pay tribute ancestor.


Many others believe these golden bills works best for manifestation work. Keep one in your wallet or several near your money altar to help draw in the abundance!

  • 10 each packaging
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