Green Tremolite (confidence)

Green Tremolite (confidence)

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Tremolite is a high vibrational stone of peace and higher knowledge. It is quite effective at balancing emotions and is a gentle diffuser of anxiety or depression.  It aids in accessing higher frequencies and easily streams  information from other dimensions.  It is  a lovely stone for working with Akashi Records and helps restore inner consciousness of the soul's journey.  By teaching the foundational journey of your soul, Tremolite assists those who feel out of touch with themselves, increasing confidence in the relationship with self.  It is known to be of assistance in holding relationships together, and can keep people in touch even if it is an energetic connection from a distance.  

Tremolite helps you understand your inner emotional agenda and removes any unwanted  themes that block self-confidence as it relates to fitting in. Children who have difficulty blending in socially often find relief when using Tremolite.  It is a good stone for therapists who work with children or adults who suffer from internal panic when asked to join in.


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